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Executive Summary:

Strategies, outcomes and deliverable drive successful organizations, as a strategic solutions company, Compass Aim (CAGM) is dedicated to improving and growing the bottom line for its clients and partners. Impacting individuals, changing lives and developing communities drives Compass Aim (CAGM) tactically with the desire to be results oriented. CAGM is committed to help its clients find a balance between profit and purpose through innovative concepts, methods, and process.
CAGM uses a system of organizational planning (vision mapping) to design comprehensive strategic plans for its clients. The strategic plans are built to help organizations deliver the most impact with the least amount of expense and resources. The mapping system allows organizations to turn their vision into an asset and a unifying message for their staff, clients and customers.

Why Choose us?

Classes, Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

VISION QUEST™ WORKSHOP: signature workshop that affords all participants the opportunity to identify their goals, dreams, and aspirations through a unique soul-searching exercise. This workshop takes participants on a journey through their past, their present and their future. The Vision Quest™ workshop creates a road-map and strategy for the lives of those who engage in its unique visual and personal experience. Vision Quest™ achieves these goals through a multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes a unique visual writing process which includes expert-led presentations and discussions, hands-on learning, visual learning and training in various areas. Vision Quest™ applies critical thinking skills that enhance talents, aptitudes, capacity, awareness, abilities and interests while bringing about participants’ career and life development, improvement and empowerment.

Additional Classes, Workshops, Seminars & Trainings

FINANCIAL AWARENESS & SUCCESS™: demonstrates our unique and innovative ability to significantly impact financial awareness, decision-making, perspective and critical thinking through the use of visual learning tools. This workshop offers information, knowledge and experience in the areas of Banking; developing a budget; Understanding your income; managing your expenses; Balancing your checkbook; Opening savings accounts; and overall financial management tools. This workshop helps communities and their families make complex financial decisions with confidence.

Career / Professional skills development:

Career strategies / life strategies that encourage participants to reach their true career potential (workforce development); help them get comfortable using technology (vocational skills); and provide a healthy balance between their career and the personal life (career/work/life balance); Staging mock interviews (communication skills); The career planning and goal setting program components engage participants in a critical analysis of the past (historical trends and patterns of the labor market, industries and the economy while analyzing the present (economic situation, circumstances and responsibilities) and challenging them to “map out” their future (goals, dreams and aspirations). The Pinnacle System™ focuses not only on career development, but also on career growth, thus raising expectations of not just being in the workforce, but having the ability to be competitive in the workforce.


Vision Quest Fast Track
R.E.S.E.T. Program
New Beginnings
Life Skills


Compass Aim Global Management K.I.T.’S
COMPASS AIM GLOBAL MANAGEMENT Policies & Procedures Manuals

Personal skills development:

Life strategies; Spiritual development; Character and value assessment; Problem-solving and Decision-making; Critical thinking skills; Goal-setting; Gifts and skills assessments; Work/Life balance strategies; Development of life plans.

Social skills development:

Explore how social skills impact participants ability to provide customer service; Giving participants the ability to communicate their strengths and articulate their weaknesses; Increase ability to function in social settings and use adequate social skills in social settings; Group dynamics

Work readiness workshop series:

a highly concentrated work readiness and skills development workshop series that develops career, work and life skills in youth and inexperienced job seekers. Designed for in-school youth; college students; college bound youth; out-of-school youth; high school dropouts; and at-risk youth, the comprehensive work readiness program will enhance the knowledge and awareness of the workplace. This workshop series takes participants on a personal journey through the world of work assessing their current skill set while enhancing their use of critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to secure and maintain employment in various entry level positions

Leadership development:

Understand and adopt the traits and attributes of today’s top leaders. Learn to establish professional credibility and influence with peers, set realistic and achievable goals, create a positive and creative work environment, and develop conflict management skills.
COACHING: Learn the secrets to creating a positive and productive work environment by giving your staff the tools they need to grow personally and professionally. Deal tactfully with unacceptable behavior, resolve conflicts and boost performance through effective feedback.

Communication skills development:

Learn the essentials of both verbal and nonverbal communication and overcome personal communication challenges. Become a more assertive communicator and apply the fundamentals of communicating with tact and finesse in difficult situations.

Organisational skills development:

Identify and overcome barriers to personal productivity, learn to schedule time and maximize your efficiency, organize workspace, minimize interruptions by taking control and demonstrate how to use delegation as an organization strategy.

Change management:

Create a positive work environment that promotes cooperation by learning how to deal more effectively with change when it occurs. Learn to modify and adapt goals, respond to issues before they reach crisis mode.
MANAGEMENT: Develop and apply proven management skills and behaviors, and use critical thinking processes for problem solving and increasing productivity. Improve employee performance and manage crisis situations through effective management techniques.


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